Rider Info


The waiting list to ride at Penniwells Rda Centre is now temporarily closed.  

Currently there is a 2 year wait.  

If you are interested in horse care/touch and non riding therapy please email penniwellsrda@outlook.com for more info. 

PDF Rider form 21.   Please complete and send us a rider application if you are interested in a non riding activity 







It is going to take time to phase everyone back with social distancing in place -even if it is reduced to 1m it will mean we are still unable to take those riders requiring assisted mounting and side helping at this time.  Even those who are on lead rein will need to be able to check their own girths and stirrups at this time. 

Please be patient and keep supporting the centre so we are still here when you are able to return to us safely. 

We are hoping to offer both simulator sessions and horse care / pony visits to those unable to return to riding in the initial phase. 

The Centre closes during half term to regular riders to allow time for Volunteer & Staff Training along with New rider assessments. The main Easter and Summer Holidays we will be offering alternative activities and sessions at an additional cost. 


VAT Notice

Riding Fees as of 01/10/2020 are term time only – These fees will be being reviewed in 2021 in light of Covid 19 closures and a lack of income for the past year.  Riding fees are the only source of income for the centre and so while closed funding is of great concern. 

Preferred payment option is :

Quarterly fees = £258.00 incl VAT by BACS or Standing order due on 1st October, 1st January, 1st April & 1st July

Weekly cost is £30.00 Incl VAT per group session by arrangement only

Private sessions are subject to availability and on request only – Price on application 

Simulator sessions are £30 per session by arrangement only and in addition to your usual riding fees

Horse care sessions are £30 per session by arrangement only – This is an additional charge if you are also riding 

Coming Soon: Watch this space for our next project to engage with you via equine therapy with ground work and non ridden contact with the ponies.

24hrs notice of cancellation is required

VOLUNTEER SESSIONS (ABLE BODIED) are now available £36.00 per session – Please ask when you are next at the centre if interested 

The Centre costs over £200,000 per year to run.

Please note our waiting list at present has 82 applicants – We cannot promise that you will get a space in the near future but we will try to assess you as soon as we are able.  We also cannot guarantee that you will be given a space once assessed as your suitability on riding is based on the assessment process.  Lots of things need to be put in place first ie: size of horse required, volunteer help available, if you are able to sit up on the horse at assessment time, how you get on and off the horse – all have to be thought about carefully before we will offer you a permanent riding session.

Please also be aware Riding is a risk sport and whilst we try to keep the risk to a minimum we cannot promise you will not fall off, be trodden on, nipped or kicked at some point. you must consider the risk before agreeing to our terms & conditions at the Centre.

All payments are now to be made by Bank Transfer where possible

All cheques are to be made payable to : Penniwells Riding Centre

Anyone failing to pay fees in the time period will be stopped from riding until fees have been fully paid. If you have problems with your payment or wish to discuss it further please contact the Treasurer, Eileen McGrath or Sarah Healing.

Please let us know if you are unable to attend your session as we have volunteers and ponies tacked up and ready to go

If you have any queries regarding payment please email to penniwellsrda@outlook.com. Without fees paid on time we cannot continue to run efficiently.


Thank you for your co-operation and we hope you continue to enjoy your sessions.








Please fill in a gift aid form at the centre or ask for one to be emailed to you! This alone helps us raise over £3000 per year!

Gift Aid Claim Form.doc 2016