Trustees are of all ages & back grounds. They are involved in decision making. All our trustees are volunteers. Many have full time jobs as well as fullfilling this role.

Trix - Trustee with FlossieTrix Summerfield: Chairman
Involved with Penniwells RDA for over 25 years – Trix is also our Volunteer Co-ordinator following up new applications and references. She is very much part of the driving force behind the scenes.



Eileen McGrath: TreasurerEileen McGrath - Treasurer
Eileen keeps us all in check on the money front along with the invaluable help of Rachel Fink.



Steve Clements - Trustee 2Steve Clements – Minutes Secretary
Involved with Penniwells RDA for over 15years – Turns his hand to tractor driving, repairs in the fields & yards and being fully involved in any roles requiring his dress sense and acting skills!



Tina Kelly – Child Protection OfficerTina-Hugo-C1
Involved with Penniwells RDA for over 10 years Tina is responsible for all Child & young adult proection within the groups along with CRB Checking.



Matthew Wise - TrusteeMatthew Wise – Trustee

Company Secretary





Jacquie Sheer – Trusteephoto
Our newest Trustee having joined us in November 2012 Jackie has been hands – on volunteering within the group on a regular basis.